On Removing & Planting Trees

tree removal cincinnati

It is one of the saddest days in the tree hugger’s life. Need it be said who or what a tree hugger is? Oh, alright then. Yes, quite right, a tree hugger is he or she that quite literally hugs a tree. If memory serves correctly, the reference was originally intended in a mocking sort of way. People passing by would have remarked that this guy or girl had gone completely nuts. Same thing could have happened if someone overheard you talking to your almond trees, great bearers of quite healthy nuts indeed.

But in this day and age, who is laughing out loud now? Hmm. Thought so. In this era of greater awareness of global warming and climate change, anyone who calls you a tree hugger may just be passing a compliment. A tree hugger is he or she who, figuratively speaking, loves everything about trees and all that is green but was once free. Having said that, the tree hugger, tears rolling down her cheeks, does understand why the tree removal cincinnati operation was necessary. It is quite a delicate operation to be sure.

Every last root and sinew of the great old oak tree that once stood in front of someone’s fine garden had to be removed, right down to the tree stump. But perhaps not. This is where the story is uprooted for the greater good. If it is necessary to do so, the tree removal technicians will be applying a rather stifling lacquer to the surface of the stump to make sure that this old tree never, ever grows again. Very sad, it is true. But perhaps both technician and homeowner agree that it will be feasible to leave the stump as is to ensure that the tree can start growing againÂ…

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